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I tried to add the shipping information to the completed order email to the customer but it is not picking up the shipping method or tracking information.

<p>Hi {$DATA.first_name|capitalize},</p>

<p>We are pleased to say that order number {$DATA.custom_oid} is complete. If you have ordered physical goods they should arrive shortly.</p>

<p>Shipping method {$DATA.ship_method}</p>

<p>Tracking Number (If available) {$DATA.ship_tracking}</p>

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I've looked through the CC629 code, and I find no reason why the data is not showing up.

Other than, perhaps, the language of the email being sent is not what was edited. Just a wild guess.

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It is okay now.

I am trying to remove the Shipping method from this line but keep getting an error. I don't need the invoice to say All in one shipping. How could i do that ?

<td>{if !empty($DATA.ship_method)}{$DATA.ship_method}:{if !empty($DATA.ship_product)} ({$DATA.ship_product}){/if}{else}Shipping:{/if}</td>


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I will suggest not using !empty(). Smarty, when parsing its template code, is internally dealing with what is and what is not set and/or empty regarding its variables. So:

<td>{if $DATA.ship_method}{$DATA.ship_method}:{if $DATA.ship_product} ({$DATA.ship_product}){/if}{else}Shipping:{/if}</td>

Technically, Smarty is not going to parse the ! as the operator to negate the logical state of the subject.


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