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Repeating Text Outside of Product Description


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Hey There,

  I am still using the old school Kurouto skin, and I am having some sort of formatting issue. If I try to add a table to my product pages, it adds a copy of the rogue text to the upper left hand corner of my page. It only does it on the desktop skin, and not the mobile. Any ideas how I can correct this? Tried using Inspect on Chrome, but it didn't offer information that I could figure out. Thanks in advance. Picture of problem attached.  Also, here is the direct link to the product in question:


@bsmither, this is perfect for your eyes (I hope!). @Dirty Butter, any ideas?

Thanks in advance,



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It seems you have added some twitter meta tags to the template.

The use of quotes in this location is erroneously closing out the content attribute.

		<meta name="twitter:description" content="

  This is a 2018 Topps Base Set Photo Variations Ronald Acuña, Jr. baseball card.
  The card is #698 and is in NM-MT condition. This card is referred to as the "Factory Bat Up" version.</p>

This means all that follows is displayable HTML.

Suggest using apostrophes.

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I see the use of smart-apostrophes. Not an issue.

But now, all the quote marks in the table attributes are interfering.

I do not know the end result of putting HTML in a location that is (I assume) destined for Twitter.

But I can say that putting HTML in the <head> section of a web page has some consequences.

If the added content in the main.php template is modifiable, maybe you can make this change:

<meta name="twitter:description" content="{$Variable}">
<meta name="twitter:description" content='{$Variable}'>

That is, use apostrophes to enclose the value of the content attribute so that the quotes in the content won't interfere. That means you can't use apostrophes in the content.

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