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*RESOLVED - 504 Gateway Time-out The server didn't respond in time.

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Hey all,

I have 2 shops - both setup at teh same time, both front ends working well but 1 will not move orders through whilst the other works perfect.

I keep getting this error:

504 Gateway Time-out

The server didn't respond in time.

Any thoughts please?

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If you are being hosted, then perhaps there is a "gateway" server being used by your host to determine which real server amongst the "farm" is responsible for your site. The other site may or may not be on that same server. (How you access your sites via FTP may provide a clue.)

So, I think the real server where your site is located is having a problem, and the gateway server has waited long enough for a response.

Contact your hosting provider to have then check server logs.

You might also look at your hosting control panel for any kind of error log.

A person more familiar with running a hosting company should be along shortly with better suggestions.

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FYI - I figured this out for myself.

Turns out it was timing out trying to send emails and the gateway was setup incorrectly - when it tried to moved the order through the system, it also tried to send an email and as it couldnt it timed out insteadÂ đŸ˜€

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