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Changing Invoice Layout

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Hi guys


I have tried searching for the answers to my questions but cant seem to find the answer.


I want to make a couple of small changes to the invoice layout in my cubecart 6 store but cant seem to find the correct file to make them work.


1st - I would like to get the 'Thanks for shopping with us' footer to move to the bottom of the page rather than just at the end of the product info which leaves it floating around the middle of the page


2nd - is there a way i can set the customers postcode to show on the next line down rather than beside their county?


As always all help much appreciated.




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Posted (edited)

There are two "invoice" pages (more like "receipts:), one is shown to the customer when the customer is reviewing past orders, and the other is for the admin to use as a kind of shipping list.

In admin, Documents, Invoice Editor tab, CubeCart takes the content from the admin template orders.print.php and offers it to be edited. The edited version is then databased (which means it survives upgrades).

The editor starts in Source mode because the other mode shows nothing but a few dozen blue squares. Each blue square is a Smarty variable or command.

Getting the footer to be at the bottom of the page would be a matter for CSS to solve, and how/if the browser incorporates the page dimensions as reported by the printer driver -- I have no experience in doing this. The basic problem is that HTML and CSS are developed for a display viewport of arbitrary width and unlimited length.

Sure, there are workarounds, but getting a browser to do layout work for print media is hit or miss. See:


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