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Store Collection - Click & Collect - Improvements

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Hi all, 

I'm looking to add store collection / click & collect to my website.

The store collection plugin doesn't seem to do anything other than offer the free collection option (as a shipping method).

So... I think I'll need to make the following improvements:

1. When choosing "Store Collection" the delivery address get's auto-filled with my shop address.

2. A BIG message to say "you have chosen to collect your order" and "please don't collect until you have received an e-mail to say your order is ready for collection". etc. etc.

3. An estimated time/date that the order will be ready for collection

4. An option to pay in store (not sure if this is a good idea)

5. Improvements/changes to the e-mails to say "you have chose to collect from store/we will not be sending your order" etc. etc. And maybe also directions to the store (or at least a link to the directions page)

6. Improvements to the despatch e-mail - change to "your order is ready for collection"  e-mail

7. A "your order has been collected" e-mail.


Has anyone else done this kind of thing? Any other suggestions of things to include or tips to implement?









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Posted (edited)

Interesting plugin .. but option # 4 is a risk for little jokers who will place full orders and never come.

For option 3, I think the client should choose.

 An estimated time / date on which the customer would like to come and collect their order. To be seen during the opening hours of the physical store and on opening days and with at least 24 hours of delay after placing the order.

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