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Lost server admin access - http://norwich.cc/admin/


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If your installation of CubeCart was upgraded, then the name of the folder that contains all the administration scripts has changed, as well as the name of the administration script itself.

Using FTP, or logging in to your hosting account's control panel, take note of the name of the admin script name:
norwich.cc/admin_aBcDeF.php (where aBcDeF is a sequence of random letters).

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Please examine the contents of the file /includes/global.inc.php. This file will have two variables (as well as other data) that are for the ['adminFile'] and ['adminFolder'].

The usable file name and folder name are these values. Other files and folders that are, or start with, admin are not being used and should be deleted.

If the values noted in the global.inc.php file have no corresponding actual existing file and folder, then we will need to look at the dates of the existing files and folders that start with admin and determine which pair has the latest datetime - assuming these are the latest version of the code.

The values in global.inc.php must match the names of the appropriate file and folder.

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Let's not go as far as a fresh installation. Not yet.

There can't be a dozen global.inc.php files, as they can't all have the same exact name. What you (probably) see is global.inc.php, global.inc.php-dist, global.inc.php-datetime.php, etc. Only the file that is named exactly global.inc.php is what we wnat to examine.


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This global.inc.php file shows that the name of the administrative folder to use is simply 'admin', and the name of the administrative script to use is simply 'admin.php'.

We now need to verify that there actually exists a folder named admin, and there actually exists a file named admin.php.

If not, then the likely cause is that CubeCart was updated, but the update script failed to update the values in global.inc.php. Then, please determine, from among all the folders that the name starts with admin, which one has the most recent datetime. And from all the files that the name starts with admin, which one has the most recent datetime.

(Please remove the contents of your database access details from the post above.)

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13 hours ago, RogerMcHooligan said:

Found admin but not admin.php

Screen Shot 2020-06-21 at 19.31.26.png

Looks like you have had multiple failed / partially completed upgrades.  This really needs to be manually sorted out to ensure you only have one admin directory and one admin php file and that these are from the latest version that you have upgraded to, then also, the global.inc.php file needs to be updated to be consistent.  How to do this has been covered in quite a few posts on here previously although dont have the thread immediately to hand


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