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help limiting individual item qty per purchase

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Like many in these Covid-19 days I am having a significant problem keeping items on my shelf so everyone can get some.  While I have resisted doing it, I am at a point where I simply have to start limiting how much of each item a customer can purchase so that I am able to make sure all my customers are able to get something.  I may only be able to get 15 of an item per month, but many of my customers typically buy 5-10 at a time as a normal purchase.  Meaning two customers clean my inventory for the month out and no other customers get any.  Sure everything is sold I made my $, but now I have a bunch of unhappy customers that go buy from someone else because they need it right now, instead of being able to buy a few items to get them thru until I get more.

Is there a way to limit how much of each individual product my customers can purchase? So I could limit a customer to only being able to purchase say 2 of each item at a time?


CubeCart Version
PHP Version (5.6 Recommended)
MySQL Version

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On 6/17/2020 at 1:57 PM, bsmither said:

This module is the opposite:

You can make a request to the publisher of this plugin to change (or add the functionality of) the limit to a max per.

I have reached out to them, seems that they are pretty overwhelmed like most of us with the turmoil from Covid and other World events.

I noticed in this thread it was mentioned another way to limit things, but it was not clear if this was just a coding tweak or part of an add-on module?  My high volume items are 21.4# each my other slow moving are 1#, I could easily set max order weight to 115# which leaves room for 5 primary items and lots of slower moving ones, but will not allow 6 primary items.

But I m not sure where/how to do that?


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