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I am writing to you because I have two problems with my shop.

1. On the home page which is in French, I have two words that sound in English (see image). I tried to change the language in the administrator part but it does not work. Can you tell me how to make it appear in French?

2. Since the update, I have encountered a problem in the shopping cart. Indeed, when I add the first product it displays the basket with the product but when I add other products, it displays my basket with only my first product. I have to click the update button for this to appear. It is rather unpleasant that the page does not refresh. Can you help me solve this problem? You can try on shop.aux-naturelles.ch

Thank you in advance for your insights.

Pending your solutions, receive my best regards.

Capture d’écran 2020-06-18 à 22.53.18.png

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Please find a file in the /cache/ folder that has a name in this format:
5RAND.html.mican.menu.fr-FR.cache where 5RAND is five characters specific to your site.

The content should be in French. If not, we now have a good idea where to start looking.

If there isn't a filename that has fr-FR, maybe there is a file with en-US. If so, then we need to learn why CubeCart believes English is the current language when this file is being built.


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Hello bsmither,

Thank's for your answer. I have this name 79179.html.mican.menu.fr-FR.cache. I have modified directly in the folder and it's working.

Do you have a solution for my second question ?

Thank's for your help

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The problem you will find is that when you have CubeCart clear its internal cache, that file will be deleted and a fresh copy will get created. If there is still a situation that causes this file to have English phrases in a French file, nothing will have been fixed.

Looking at your second question now.

This doesn't seem to have a means to add to cart:


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Yes, I am seeing some odd behavior.

I believe the main problem could be that the web server is sending back a Cache-Control value of "max-age = 300". This means that the browser can show a page that was cached internally for the next 300 seconds. This includes /index.php?_a=basket and shop.aux-naturelles.ch/gamme-soins.html.

Thus, after adding another product to the basket, the View Cart page is a stale page fetched from the browser's cache. The same when returning back to a page previously seen (such a View Category page), the shopping basket summary at the upper-right shows 0.00 because that is what showed when this page was first viewed.

This might also affect what you see in admin.

If you are not using the latest version of CubeCart, please let us know the exact version. I think for many of the latest versions of CubeCart 6, headers are sent that specify "Do Not Cache!"

You might also want to consult with your hosting provider to discuss whether there is any caching utility in place, and how to adjust it's applicability.

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Posted (edited)

I have this version :
6.2.9    Monday, 16 March 2020


I don't know why it's not possible to add in cart.

Why juste this two category ? How can make the modification for it's working correct ?

For my first question, all it's ok. I have clean the cache again. After that the display is correct.

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I found the "Buy" button for Brume d’oreiller "Nuit douce". It is below some sort of extra, empty content (774 pixels high) that follows the description.

Is your store using any plugin that adds content to a product's description? Maybe something to do with Facebook?

Did you copy/paste this product's description, from some other web page, into the product description text editor? If so, please, in admin, Edit this product, Description tab, switch the editor to Source mode, and examine the contents.

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Thank's for your help. I modified the description for Brume d’oreiller "Nuit douce" and i can put the product in the cart.

For the refrech the cart when i put a new product,  my hosting provider have add a directive "ExpiresActive off" in file .htaccess and it's working

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