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From experience I believe there will be a knock on effect on mobile devices if removed for all. Be careful. 

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We can hide it for all widths (or just medium widths and wider, "hide-for-medium-up") and this element does serve a purpose on small (mobile) widths where the menu is structured differently. This phrase can be anything we want it to say, and is clickable in CubeCart's implementation to go to that category's View Category page. In the Foundation developer docs, the example indicates how many levels deep in the menu the user has traversed. That is, 'Level One', 'Level Two', etc. (I don't know how that bit of info would be useful for a mobile-phone user, per se, but a mobile-phone screen reader for the low-vision crowd, could announce how far down the rabbit hole menu the system is showing.)

In the skin template /element.navigation_tree.php, find:

<li itemprop="name"><label itemprop="url" content="{$BRANCH.url}" rel="{$BRANCH.url}">{$BRANCH.name}</label></li>

Change to:

<li class="hide" itemprop="name"><label itemprop="url" content="{$BRANCH.url}" rel="{$BRANCH.url}">{$BRANCH.name}</label></li>

Please test this extensively, making sure all sub-items are being displayed at all widths. (Your browser should have in its Developer's Tools a "Responsive Design Mode" that simulates a small-width device.)

The reason we are hiding it instead of removing it completely is that some future javascript may want to play with it.

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