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Selling numbered tickets


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I want to sell entries to a sporting event. Competitors will be numbered 1, 2, 3, 4 ... and I want to sell entries in that order. On payment each competitor will receive an email which includes their entry number. How can I do this?

Many thanks


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If that is the only thing you will be selling, perhaps CubeCart's "Custom Order Numbering System" might work. This where the store owner is able to create a format that is sequentially numbered.

If there could be orders made that would include other items, without just only competition entry fees, we would need to find a different solution.

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I think I can see an approach to solving this.

Set up a category "Event Entry". Then for products in this category:

  • Set up the product with a single option, "Entry Number" = 1. This works quite neatly as with just a single option available CC just lists the option without a select drop-down.
  • Each time a purchase is made increase the Entry Number value by 1.

I'm guessing I can do this via a hook. Would admin.order.index.post_process be the one? I am hoping it is fairly easy to access the product option and change the value.

Is this feasible?

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