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Please Help - Review snippets issue detected - message from google

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I got a message from google telling me that there was an issue with review snippets on my site.

It says "Missing field : 'itemReviewed' - I am using the Foundation 1.0 skin under cubecart 6.2.9

Should I be using a plugin as well or is my skin too old to support this?

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Are you using an old modified version of the foundation skin or are you using the latest version supplied with 6.2.9 ?

It could be that there are no reviews for that product - in which case it is only a warning.

There is this plugin which adds many more snippets to a site and is definitely worth all sites having - https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/google-pinterest-schema-org-microdata-plugin



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Thanks Ian,  it's as I feared. I am using a modified skin.
I never managed to understand how to make the changes I wanted without modifying the original files. I knew doing so would come back to bite me.

Any pointers to which of the templates and files I will need to update to fix this?

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The best way forward would be

1) Use a file comparison program to compare your current modified skin with the foundation skin as it was originally from the version of CubeCart that you started from - this will give you a complete list of all changes you made

2) Start with the 6.2.9 version of foundation skin - then make any / all required changes again

3) When new versions of CubeCart come out check each for any skin changes and then make those to your modified foundation - that way your modified version will always have any bug fixes and new functionality added

4) Use the Microdata plugin I recommended 


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