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Email spam crap


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Is there a way to block these email spam in the admin shop.

below is a few i get 

Email Log

Sent Subject To From Read Date Edit Resend
  Test, just a test Windows 10 Upgrade Hectorspivy   Plain Text 2020-07-07 17:57:06    
  Test, just a test Repairs EdwardNoR   Plain Text 2020-07-07 16:06:16    
  Rassismus-Skandal an Berliner Rossmann-Kasse Repairs MoonMammoth   Plain Text 2020-07-06 18:48:03    
  Test, just a test Repairs Harveytit   Plain Text 2020-07-06 00:20:44    
  Test, just a test Computers RichardMaype   Plain Text 2020-07-04 22:58:14    
  Как попасть на сайты которые находятся в даркнете Laptops Chrisnef   Plain Text 2020-07-03 05:45:33    
  Bet777 Game review Laptops Williamler   Plain Text 2020-07-02 02:21:33    
  Online Slots Reviews Computers Melvinnusia   Plain Text 2020-06-27 13:24:40    
  xe-88.asia Windows 10 Upgrade DennisTew   Plain Text 2020-06-26 23:42:09    
  I want a lot of money today Computers Сloudenelf   Plain Text 2020-06-24 20:35:18
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Are the names in the "To" column also names of the Departments of your Contact Us page? If so, your site is sending those Contact Us emails to the emails specified for each respective Department. (And, even if reCaptcha is enabled, it might not be working as well as one would hope.)

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If you have no intention of putting Smarty code in the document, then there is no reason to enable this feature. It just adds a few microseconds of work. Also, if the content of the document would seem to have a lot of braces ({,}), then turn off parsing so that there won't be any chance of inadvertently triggering parse errors.

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