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Secure Checkout Timeout


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At the end of the checkout process the customer clicks "secure checkout"  (/index.php?_a=confirm)

Usually this would redirect to PayPal for payment

However this step fails with a 504 Gateway Timeout error (/index.php?_a=gateway)

I can't find anything in the error logs. 

On the same server (but separate hosting) I have another cubecart installation with the same settings and that is running fine, so a server issue is not suspected

I have tried switching from PayPal standard to PayPal Commerce, which sometimes generates a new button, however the existing "Secure Checkout" button remains, and has this error. So if I can't fix this timeout issue perhaps there is a way to disable this button and force usage of PayPal Commerce. Ideally though I'd just like to stay on PayPal Standard and fix this timeout issue.

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I haven't seen this before. What method do you use to email send. Is it SMTP and if so are the details entered right? If it is SMTP do other emails work such as password reset. A lot of hosts block external SMTP connections. 

That's all I can think of unless cURL isn't allowing external server requests.

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