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Disable the email to customer on order completion

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Hi All, 

As above, is this possible?

I read that slashing out this line "$mailer->sendEmail($this->_order_summary['email'], $content);" in order.class.php will do it however this doesn't seem to work.

Unless i'm doing this in the wrong place? The section I found it in was " Compose the Order Confirmation email to the customer"

Is this the correct one?



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You will be wanting to make a change at the following location:

In /classes/order.class.php, find the public function orderStatus().

Scroll to the section of:

case self::ORDER_COMPLETE:

About ten lines later, find:

/* no need to send this email for digital only orders */
if (!$this->_skip_order_complete_email && $this->_email_enabled && ($content = $mailer->loadContent('cart.order_complete', $order_summary['lang'])) !== false) {

This three part test includes whether there exists, and fetches, an email template to populate and send to the customer. What we will do is force this test to false. So, change this line to:

if (false && !$this->_skip_order_complete_email && $this->_email_enabled && ($content = $mailer->loadContent('cart.order_complete', $order_summary['lang'])) !== false) {


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