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BCC Order Complete emails

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I searched if I'd brought this up before, if I did, I couldn't find it;

I use Trustpilot with Opencart (boo hiss) and their plugin works great but there isn't really anything similar for Cubecart, unless I'm utterly blind.

Anyhow, turns out you don't even need that much of a fancy dowhackey a simple copy of of the Order Complete sent to a email address they give you will provide pretty much all the functionality required.

I saw the BCC all email admin snippet but that doesn't really apply as it's a fixed address to which all complete orders need BCC'd

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In a answer my own question kinda thing, you could make a "fake" Admin account with the email address in question, set it up that way.

However, in other news, if you set "Order Complete" as the point where an Admin gets a copy email, doesn't happen.


nope just appears to be all my my admin emails aren't working ... weird, 



I kinda hate this implementation anyway, even when I forced it, it doesn't store the cutsomers name, order number or products ordered, so it looks crap.

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