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Hi guys, I run a small web / server hosting e-com site on cubecart. I am recently having to add additional setup fee along side of regular price for a few of my products, but not finding any option to do so. 

Tried Product options but they still dont show up on check out ... Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks

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When viewing the product's details page, you should see the description of the option in plain text if that option is required and has only the one choice for it.

You describe not seeing the option shown in the Items List at checkout. Perhaps you are using a version of a skin that was not coded to show that.

Please let us know the name of the skin being used.


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Let's work through creating and assigning the option.

In admin, Product Options, Options Group tab, make sure there is a group to hold Setup Fee choices, and that the Required checkbox is checked.

If there is, then on the Options Attributes tab, directly under the phrase Option Attributes, select the group name that holds your Setup Fee choices. The page will then show those choices. The bottom table lists those choices (the only choice might be "Yes, I agree" or something like that).

If there is such a choice listed, then we move on to assigning the options and choices to the product.

In admin, Products, click the Edit icon for "8TB Managed Dedicated Seedbox". On the Options tab, determine if the Setup Fee is listed in the top table.

If not, then from the "Add New Option" drop-down selector, select the specific name and choice: "Setup Fee->Yes, I agree" (or something like that). Also, check Default and enter 10.00 as the price. Then, you must click the green-circle-white-plus icon at the right.

Have CubeCart clear its internal cache, and check for the display of the option on the View Product page.

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