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I am new to Cubecart and my host provider is using version 6.2 9. On the foundation default theme, what are the dimensions of the store logo? How can I change the menu and footer colour from black? Is it possible to create an background image with about 33 % opacity? Also is it correct, I cannot change the upload size of a picture from 350k?

Your assistance is much appreciated

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The default behavior of Foundation is to fill the width of the browser window, shrinking or widening as necessary, and scaling (or re-arranging the layout because Foundation is 'responsive') everything to keep the relative dimensions, but stop getting any wider than 1000px.

The header area is split into 12 columns: three of those 12 columns is where the logo is positioned, and nine of those 12 columns is where the search bar and other stuff is positioned. Thus, the logo has 250 pixels worth of screen real estate and the browser is free to scale the logo image down, regardless how big it is, to fit that container.

I have seen solutions that involve putting the logo on its own row having the full width of the page. Another solution is to give more columns to the logo, having reduced the number of columns from the search bar.

There are CSS rules that can be overridden by adding appropriate rules in a sub-style CSS file. Currently, there is cubecart.default.css, and additional sub-styles can be created. Using your browser's Developer Tools, one can discern what existing CSS rules need to be overridden.

Here is an article on background image opacity: https://coder-coder.com/background-image-opacity/

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