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Duplicate entry 'GFNS01121' for key 'custom_oid'


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Hello, could anyone shed some light on my predicament?

When this shop was set up a custom order number was created as GFNS00000 a few orders and invoices were created using this format. Shortly after the order number format was changed to the default format along the lines of 200805-111111-2222. The store has been running for 7 months with little to no problems, except that on occasion an order goes awry and the error message is this: Duplicate entry 'GFNS01121' for key 'custom_oid' - I can't work out why it's trying to assign an old order number?

Many thanks in advance..

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In CubeCart_order_summary, locate the record that did or would have caused this warning message. Note the value in the 'id' column.

The incremental part of the custom_oid uses this value, then adds an optional offset.

But if the Custom Order ID feature is switched off, as I understand it, no calculation is made and no value id is inserted for this column.



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