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I would like to install an affiliate extension on my cubecart store, so that my customers can promote products and receive a commission on each sale.
There are several free extensions on cubecart marketplace, My question is: is it free or are there other costs that I have to pay?

Because I tried to install one of these programs [idevdirect], but I could not complete the process because I needed to create an account there and it was costing to open the account $75.

If purchasing is a necessity, can you please inform me of the most economical option.

My online store is still new (One Month) and I have only made several sales, so I do not have wide investment options.

My CubeCart Version: 6.2.9

PHP Version: 7.2.32

I hope you will answer my inquiry

Thank you.

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Many of the established affiliate schemes are not cheap, especially for startup businesses.  We have one that we recommend and is used by several of our customers which is far cheaper - take a look at https://www.affiliatly.com?aff=461  If you are happy to go ahead, sign up and then contact us and I can give you instructions on how to use it


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