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Numeric value for country


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The 840 is the code for USA, so we know that this is not a randomly generated thing.

Also, Massachusetts would be 32 if that database lookup was misbehaving in the same way.

Have there been any edits to the User class (/classes/user.class.php)? Specifically, the public function formatAddress()?

Any changes to /includes/functions.inc.php which is where getStateFormat() and getCountryFormat() is located?

More to the point, I see that the State input field is a simple text entry form element. There is some javascript that is supposed to change the State text entry element into drop-down selectors. More javascript will test for the presence of county_list, and if not found, will convert the Country drop-down into a text entry field.

That the fields are not drop-downs suggests that javascript is not finding the javascript variable:

Template code:
<script type="text/javascript">
   var county_list = {if !empty($STATE_JSON)}{$STATE_JSON}{else}false{/if};

Browser source:
<script type="text/javascript">
   var county_list = {"999":[{"id":"","name":"-- Please Select --"}....
where 999 is the currently selected country code.

Have your browser show you the page source and look for a <script> containing county_list.

The javascript could also be looking for the country code value for USA, but if that country has been disabled in admin, Countries/Zones, then the javascript will default to allowing the customer to free-form entry a country, and display the databased value of the user's address instead of using it as an index to the ISO3 abbreviation.

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