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Hi everyone


I have tried searching for answers to this question and cannot seem to find an answer.

I have been working heavily on my meta data recently and having searched the main go to search engine i am seeing my results coming back showing the products meta data title but instead of the meta data description it is pulling information from the product description. Is there something i can change on the site settings or files to stop this happening or is this the search engine in question just pulling up this information?

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A recent version of CubeCart removed the admin's ability to use meta keywords. The meta description is still available.

There is a mod of some sort that sprinkles meta data tags throughout a page. I do not know what standard it uses.

I understand that each crawler has its own (tightly guarded secret) processes of what information gets used and how it gets weighted/ranked.

There might be an open standard one can use to forbid a crawler from using specifically targeted blobs of information (similar in concept to a "robots.txt" file).

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Meta keywords are not used by any crawler so no point wasting time completing these.

in terms of meta description as per your question, Google and other browsers can and will choose to use the description from the page instead of the defined meta description, if they feel it better represents the page - as far as I am aware, there is no way to control this although having better Microdata on a page can sometimes help and is best practice for SEO anyway (see https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/google-pinterest-schema-org-microdata-plugin)


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Hi, regarding meta descriptions and title tags for certain pages.

There is a place to edit Search Engine tags for ../gift-certificates.html and ../shop/contact-us.html, however they are both the same.

Could they have separate meta descriptions and title tags?

If so, is there code to do this for these two pages?

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Unfortunately I am not a php programmer. Can this subject be added to github?

I believe, if you want to rank on google to sell gift cards you have to have specific meta description and title phrases for Gift Certificates. Is that correct?

I have posted on Github

Gift Cards and Contact Page - SEO - 6.2.9

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