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Setting up the Worldpay extension, will not return to my site


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Hi everyone, 

Please could someone help me.

I have a site setup on CubeCart and everything is working perfectly, apart from I cannot get the WorldPay extension to work properly.

So within the extension, I only have these settings:

  • Installation ID (which i have populated)
  • Test Mode (which i have set to 'Enabled - Always Successful' for now)
  • Authorisation Mode (which i have set to 'full')

In WorldPay I have lots of options for my installation:

  • Payment Response URL
  • Payment Response enabled?
  • Shopper Redirect URL
  • Shopper Redirect button enabled? (Note: If set to true, the "Shopper Redirect URL" field must also be supplied)
  • Enable Recurring Payment Response
  • Enable the Shopper Response
  • Suspension of Payment Response
  • Payment Response failure count
  • Payment Response failure email address
  • Attach HTTP(s) Payment Message to the failure email?
  • Merchant receipt email address (if set, overrides value at Merchant Code level)
  • Enable Mobile Pages?
  • No Worldpay Header enabled?
  • Remove Breadcrumb?
  • Info servlet password:
  • Payment Response password:
  • MD5 secret for transactions:
  • SignatureFields

When i try and test a WorldPay payment, I reach worldpay hosted page, I add in card details, it then asks me if i want to authorise or decline (as it is in test mode), then if i choose approve my site emails me my order has been placed but worldpay shows a success message and does not return to my site. What options do i need to fill to trigger this? Also if i click cancel payment i am not returned to my site.

What am i doing wrong? Does anyone know of any documentation that could help me? Especially if i want to enable the password options?





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