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Where can I find how to extend the length of the textboxes in the miscellaneous section of the products. It allows me to write into the box, over 20 characters, but it only limits to 20 characters when saving and reloading.

In products.index.php I've extended the maxlength as shown below, but no change.

<div><label for="gtin_code">{$LANG.catalogue.product_gtin}</label><span><input name="gtin" id="gtin" class="textbox" type="text" value="{$PRODUCT.gtin}" maxlength="250"></span></div>

is character length controlled elsewhere?


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Are you intending to use that field for other purposes ?  Often better to add new fields rather than repurpose

However, to answer your question - it wont save more than 20 characters as the database column is only defined as a varchar(20)


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