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Secure Checkout Button Not Working Correctly

Claudia M

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I had a customer contact me last night stating that when she pressed the secure checkout button nothing happened, it didn't send her to the next page.  I checked it at the time and it worked for me as the admin.  This morning I logged in as a "test customer" and I had the same problem as the customer last night - it didn't send me to the next step in the checkout process.


Just noticed .. It won't connect to PayPal either.  I get the spinning circle

Just now noticed ... It I turn off invisible Recaptcha it works

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Firefox has a javascript console that will report if there is any problem with javascript-powered events, such as the reCaptcha Invisible functionality.

Perhaps you can re-enable the Invisible mode (be sure to force your browser to reload page resources), replicate the problem, and see if the console has anything to report.

The easy way to get to the console is CTRL-SHIFT-K.


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