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Time Zone Not Working


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File: [catalogue.class.php] Line: [70] "SELECT SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS MIN(`live_from`) AS `next_time` FROM `store1CubeCart_inventory` WHERE `live_from` > UNIX_TIMESTAMP() LIMIT 1;" - Unknown column 'live_from' in 'field list'



i am getting this in my errors log. what is it? can it be fixed? i am using 6.2.9 and i updated from 6.1 recently

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Somehow, the upgrade did not execute a SQL statement that added this column to the database.

If all you did was to replace the codebase with the latest version, that would explain why the database schema did not get upgraded.

In admin, Maintenance, Upgrade tab, the Upgrade History shows the series of versions that the database went through.


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No, do not go back.

Instead, make sure you have the /setup/ folder from CC629 on your site, then go to:


CubeCart should ask if you want to upgrade the database or to create a new database. Select to upgrade.

If this choice (upgrade|new) is not presented to you, do not proceed. We need to figure out why that is.

Afterward, you will be shown a new admin URL to use to log in to admin.

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