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Semperfi Vertical category menu


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I have done a clean install of cubecart 6.2.9 on php 7.4  and using the Default Foundation skin and installed the SFWS_Vertical_Navigation_Box add on and made all the necessary modifications.

I left the top horizontal menu in place.

I am using the external css with the caching turned on in the program and Expand category navigation tree to YES

Hooks are managed

The vertical menu ends up at the top right corner where it should be at the top left.

I know this is an add on but just wondering if anybody has had this problem and if there is a fix ?




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My first comment is that the standard Foundation skin has only the sidebar on the right, and the Vertical Nav Box is contained within it.

The images on the plugin's MarketPlace page strongly suggest that one will need to move the entire <div id="sidebar_left"> from the last three large columns to the first three large columns, or take three large columns from the main_content large nine columns. The images do not show a setting that allows the store owner to actually make a selection as to where the Vertical Nav Box is to appear.

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I see where there are more settings than i see in my admin for example i can't find the screen as below.

I looked at the images and i don't see where it mentions about putting the menu on the left.

I have visited many websites in my time but i can't recall any site that has the category menu on the right hand side of the screen.

As a matter of fact i have a link to a website that uses the menu and it is on the left.

Also when i go to one of the demo sites https://www.cubecartservices.biz/futurama-season-2.html  the menu is on the left.





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I agree that the Navigation is rarely on the right. That leaves the top row or left sidebar.

I conclude that those sites with the Vertical Nav Bar on the left has also tweaked the main.php template to put the sidebar that was on the right side of the page to be placed on the left side of the page (along with a bunch of other stuff).

I think there would not be a setting, but there could be a mention about skin edits in the module's documentation. (I see a documentation tab in the images.)

The "Edit Phrases" screen, you say, is not to be found in your installation? In admin, Languages, click the edit icon the language you wish to edit. On the next screen, from the drop-down selector, at the bottom of the selector list, will be the language groups for active modules.


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The example at that site shows a lot of stuff in the sidebar -- a lot of stuff.

Too bad it all goes away (the sidebar) when the viewport narrows to 1024 or less pixels wide (iPad in landscape rotation?)

So, for something as important as a Navigation panel, on a responsive skin, it is important the skin has a Nav element that will be displayed if the main Nav panel gets hidden.

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