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Exporting the catalogue it doesn't ask for the file type, comma delimiter or anything else that is being asked when importing.

Also it doesn't apper to export categories or images. After selecting the exported file at the bottom of the screen there is a check box "CSV has column headers"   If the scv file has column headers why do i have to select anything in the drop down boxes ? one pf the drop down boxes says Master Category ID , what does that mean, it shows numbers in the exported csv files but it is not exporting the category name.  How come the classes are not exported ?

In the drop down the label is Main Image but the drop down doesn't have a selection for Main Image, if i select Images (Comma Seperated) it only exports 1 image

In the drop down the label is Master Category ID  but the drop down only has a selection for Category (ID or Name  comma separated) But it only exports 1 category number and no name or comma separated.

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The Export function is intentionally minimalist. A store owner would need to positively identify what data needs to be in a "product feed" and its file format for an intended target. There is a default format, 'Cubecart', that (supposedly, as I haven't done this) will create a file that can be loaded back into CubeCart with minimal effort.

There is a collection of modules (https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/product-feeds) that will create files for specific targets.


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