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Version 6.4


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I just installed version 6.4 on a spare domain and tried some features i thought needed improving such as image managing

I was hoping that when assigning image to a product and i would click Show Assigned image the directory tree would open and show the assigned images but it doesn't, it does show the images beside the file manager box but if a product has some of the wrong images assigned to it they would show up beside the box but if there are for example 10-15 file folders in the file manager section how on earth would one know where to look for them.

Also when i select show all images all the file folders show up, when i select show assigned images some of the file folders disappear but there are still file folders listed that have images in them that are not assigned to that product.

For exapmple
I have selected show assigned images and below is what it shows but there are no images in the Tempered Glass folder that are assigned to the product i am editing.


Also if for example i create a folder under Face_mask that doesn't belong there how do i delete that folder ? there doesn't seem to be an option for that. IE: The folder lightning cables should not be there but i can't delete it.



I hoped a new version would have addressed these issues.

Other than that i don't see a lot of difference between the 2 versions.


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Certainly not noticing any differences based on new features that one wouldn't use: The "What-Three-Words" system, the SendGrid emailer system, 301 Redirect system, Digital Download Streaming system, enhancements to error log info, coupon use per customer, coupons apply to manufacturer.

There are bug fixes and tweaks.

There is a new image search bar above the File Picker.

The File Picker will always show sub-directories for the directory currently being viewed.

To delete a folder, use the admin screen "Downloads". On the (top-level) list shown, click 'Face_Mask' to show the contents there.

If there are files in 'lightning_cables', click each image's 'Edit' icon to move them somewhere else.

Then click the folder's 'Delete' icon to remove it.

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I must admit, I haven't noticed much difference?

I can't see the digital download streaming part. I thought that would be in the 'add new product' under a tab to select a file?

I thought I could take parts of that for what I need for my site.

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