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A long time ago I used the SemperFiWebServices guestbook plugin

This works more or less well, but as SemperFiWebServices no longer gives any sign of life, and that its site has disappeared, I turn to you to know if it is possible to correct a slight problem.

the problem is, if I activate the recaptcha on the site, it is impossible to write to the guestbook, nothing is happening on the site. On the other hand if I deactivate recaptcha the plugin works normally.

Do you think someone here can help me or do I have to turn to another plugin backed by someone I trust?


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In the latest versions of CubeCart, the reCaptcha choices are: None, v2 Checkbox, and v2 Invisible.

The Invisible mode did not work -- and I doubt it would work anywhere (see below).

The Checkbox mode did work.

So, what is your Store Setting for the reCaptcha type?

* I did not make any tests with the various other parts of my development installation of CC641, so I have no real answer why the Invisible mode did not work. I do have suspicions that the failure is because my site is not running under SSL.


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Hello, so if I use the v2 checkbox version this one appears for example in the contact me link. But in the guestbook, if I click write to guestbook, the captcha does not appear and I get the message: The following errors were detected:
    The verification code was incorrect. Try Again.
    There was an error submitting your guestbook entry, please try again.


on the other hand if in the administrator I chose the invisible version recaptcha v2
in the contact me section there is nothing (normal it is invisible) and if I click on the link signed in the guestbook nothing happens, not even an error message.

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Please try this:

In the module's /skin/ folder, there are five templates that are variously named content.sign_guest_book.[SKIN].php where [SKIN] is any of five skin names. (Note: these file names do not have '_recaptcha' as part of the name.)

You really only need to change the one that you are using, but best to change all five.

{if $SIGN_GUEST_BOOK_RECAPTCHA}{include file='content.sign_guest_book_recaptcha.foundation.php' ga_fid="SignGuestBook"}{/if}

You will be replacing JUST THIS PART! of the line of code:

php' ga_fid="SignGuestBook"}{/if}

Change JUST THAT PART! with the following:

php'}{/if}{* ga_fid="SignGuestBook" *}

Again, you will not be replacing the entirety of any line of code, JUST THE PART that I indicated!

Again, you will be replacing SOME of the original statement (about the last 33 characters) with the modified code.

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