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PayPal default currency

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Hi all

I use the PayPal plugin for processing most of the payments on my store (the other is manual bank transfers for a non-supported PayPal currency). The default cubecart currency is set to AUD. Clients can however select the currency in which they want to display the prices from a drop-down menu. This causes some issues, for, independent of which other currency the client chooses, the currency reverts to AUD on PayPal checkout, (eg. a customer selects USD as currency, places the order, selects PayPal as payment method and then the pricing appears in AUD)

While I'd prefer to receive the money in the currency which was selected, it is not a particularly big problem for me to receive AUD - BUT it is a problem for some of my clients that their preferred payment currency gets changed in this way, and the clients are always right...

So, does anyone have any suggestions on how to resolve this?



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The currency display within CubeCart is exactly that, simply a comparative display of equivalent pricing.  There are no stock payment gateways that will take payment in any currency other than the store default currency.  It isnt a massively complicated thing to change and have done it in the past to enable a gateway module to take payment in whatever currency is selected for that customer. Ideally this would be built into a few of the more popular gateways such as PayPal, Stripe etc but would have to be store selectable as many stores would only want to receive payments in their default currency


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