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Sales tax not showing


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There shouldn't be a problem with tax being listed in the Shopping Basket contents during checkout. Until CubeCart has the customer's address, it will use the store's address, and then only if the store setting allows initial shipping and tax estimates. But it is being calculated and the Grand Total seems to include that amount, you say?

The emails need to be looked at as it is somewhat common for the editor used to make changes to the email content templates to corrupt the looping structure of arrays of data (taxes being one). Do you recall making any edits to the email content templates that confirms to the customer the order's contents, or the admin's notification of an order?


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After i selected Assign to all products the tax still won't show up in the basket and i am signed in as a customer, also why would it show that the tax class has been assigned to 1 product when i indicated on all products to calculate the tax ?

Also i have not edited any of the email templates.


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Found it, but no harm done.

Please examine several of your products to make sure the Tax Class was applied properly.

This function should have assigned the desired Tax Class to all items in the inventory. The problem is that the code expected the database update() function to return the number of rows affected by the update, but the database update() function returns a simple success (logical one) or failure (logical zero). An issue has been posted in the Github.



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As far as taxes not showing, I ask that you check a few things:

In your skin template content.checkout.medium-up.php, make sure there are these statements:

         {foreach from=$TAXES item=tax}
            <td colspan="4"></td>
            <td class="text-right">{$tax.value}</td>

If those statements are there, then we need to make sure some data is being assigned to the template variable {$TAXES}. In order to do that, at the end of this template, add {debug} and save. View the basket at checkout.

Your browser will want to popup a window. Let it. You may also need to reload the checkout page if the popup looks the same as the browser page.

The popup will list all the variables and their contents that were assigned to the template. Scroll down to near the bottom to find $TAXES in the left pane.

Is the variable listed? What are the values for this variable?

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The lines you show are in that file but i am not sure where i am supposed to add the {debug}

added it to the end of the content.checkout.medium-up.php  file and when i select secure check out i get the debug screen popup.

As you can see the taxes are being calculated but don't show up anywhere.


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The value of $TAXES is null (as seen in the right pane).

We now proceed to try to find why CubeCart is not finding any taxes to assign to the Smarty variable 'TAXES'. The code can be seen at /classes/tax.class.php, in the displayTaxes() function. If this function is working correctly, then CubeCart has not calculated anything for $this->_tax_table_applied.

The PHP variable $this->_tax_table_applied gets populated from the productTax() function. And that function gets its data from a tax table constructed from the database.

So, at certain places in the code, we can add statements that will assign the values of suspect variables to Smarty template variables, and they will show up in the Smarty diagnostic popup.

More later.

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Hey bsmither

In the all in one shipping the tax type was set to Inherit (whatever that means) i changed it to GST/HST and now it shows up. Not sure why it would do that because that doesn't necessarily there is shipping involved (could be local pickup) 



Now i get this 


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