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Receiving russian emails from contact us

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There some of the IP addresses I have captured.

They get past the recommended capture code on this page:  https://www.harrisorganicwine.com.au/shop/contact-us.html  They are all have russian script in them and are arriving after changing the code in ini-custom.inc.php as above.

 Put them in your Banned IP Addresses list if you like.

Meanwhile I have just added Russia as a country (in settings; countries and zones) with the status disabled. Will that make any difference?


Country Name ISO Alpha-2 ISO Alpha-3 ISO Numeric EU Status  
Russia RU RUS 643 Enable

 kindest regards

Duncan Harris

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You may have had your list of countries truncated to only a few, or maybe none at all, but a stock install of Cubecart will have "Russian Federation" in the database with those details.

The purpose of having this database table is for purposes other than banning/blocking visitors.

The recent edit to ini-custom.inc.php scans for Cyrillic characters in the UTF-8 scheme.

If possible, reply with a sample of the "russian" characters that are getting through. Specifically, try to post the hex value equivalents of those characters. They may be "russian" but not in the UTF-8 scheme.

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This one arrived this morning.

Александр <[email protected]> wrote to Organic Wine Online Shop:---------------Получить AnyDesk для Windows https://anydesk.com/ru/downloads/windows---------------This email is sent from the store's master email address but it is possible to reply directly to the sender using the reply button on your email software. ip address:

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Just checking the last of the code.

I have 

if (preg_match('/.*[\x{0400}-\x{04ff}\x{0500}-\x{052f}\x{2de0}-\x{2dff}\x{a640}-\x{a69f}\x{1d2b}-\x{1d78}].*/u', $_POST['contact']['enquiry'])) exit;

instead of 
if (preg_match('#.*[\x{0400}-\x{04ff}\x{0500}-\x{052f}\x{2de0}-\x{2dff}\x{a640}-\x{a69f}\x{1d2b}-\x{1d78}].*#', $_POST['contact']['enquiry'])) exit;

will change and see what happens.

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OK, this is what I have.

# Custom initialization commands
# Filename: ini-custom.inc.php
# File location: main CubeCart folder

#  ini_set('memory_limit', '256M');
#  ini_set('max_execution_time', '60');
#  ini_set('error_log', 'error_log');
#  ini_set('log_errors', 'on');



    (isset($_GET['seo_path']) && $_GET['seo_path'] == "register")


    (isset($_GET['_a']) && $_GET['_a'] == "register")








    (!empty($_POST['phone']) && $_POST['phone']=="123456")


   # //preg_match('/[A-Z]\z/',trim($_POST['first_name']))===preg_match('/[A-Z]\z/',trim($_POST['last_name']))

    (ctype_upper(substr(trim($_POST['first_name']),-2)) && ctype_upper(substr(trim($_POST['last_name']),-2)))




) exit; // Kills PHP leaving browser with white screen
if (preg_match('/.*[\x{0400}-\x{04ff}\x{0500}-\x{052f}\x{2de0}-\x{2dff}\x{a640}-\x{a69f}\x{1d2b}-\x{1d78}].*/u', $_POST['contact']['enquiry'])) exit;


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I have received a few in the last 10 days using the latest code. Here is the latest message.

Subject: Прикладной подход к управлению деловой репутацией компании в интернет. SERM / ORM / HM / PR


Tiffanisog <[email protected]> wrote to Organic Wine Online Shop:--------------- serm репутация rebooster

 удаление отзывов москва serm на яндекс

 серм агентства компании по работе с репутацией serm цена

Репутационный маркетинг от reBooster – это не исключительно зачистка или вброс отзывов для нужных сайтах. В первую очередь – это белые способы работы с репутацией компании и бренда.

Всякий маркетинговый бюджет, вложенный около негативной репутации в узы - это сожженные средства компании!

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Please try this one:

if (preg_match('/.*[\u0400-\u04ff\u0500-\u052f\u2de0-\u2dff\ua640-\ua69f\u1d2b-\u1d78].*/', $_POST['contact']['enquiry'])) exit;

But I am not sure if this is PHP's version of the Perl Regex.

Please remind me of the exact version of PHP your site is using.

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According to this, it may have actually been not possible to test for unicode codepoints prior to PHP7:


Here is another test to try:

if (preg_match('/.*\p{Cyrillic}.*/u', $_POST['contact']['enquiry'])) exit;

But I think that was already tried.


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