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Vertical Navigation Plugin from Semper Fi

Russell Hurst

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I've been using Semper Fi's Vertical Navigation plugn for quite a while and my site (ropesdirect.co.uk) is very much built around it. I'm desperate to have it modified as it doesn't work well with tablets however I see that Semper Fi after a year of not responding to enquiries has completely gone now.

Is there anyone familiar with Daren's coding who might be able to find a way adding in settings for Tablets? Screenshot attached.

My website is looked after by the excelent team of Ian at Havensift and Alec at Noodleman whom I totally rely on, so any proposed program changes would need to be vetted by them.



Admin_Control_Panel Vertical Navigation.png

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The layout switches from "Small" (mobile) to "Medium" (pads) at 640px wide, and from "Medium" (pads) to "Large" (desktop) at 1024px. With respect to that, this is normal Foundation behavior.

With the skin you are using, at "Small", most of the Header (and Documents) and the horizontal Navbar collapse into the hamburger menu. At "Medium", everything is restored with the only difference compared to "Large" is that the Vertical Menu sits atop the Homepage document instead of sitting atop the sidebar (Featured, Best Sellers, etc.).

So, at "Medium", where do you want the Vertical Menu to appear?


Plush Memories keeps the sidebar at "Medium". That might be a function of the skin.

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You will need to find the appropriate template. I think it should be main.php.

Look for:
<div id="{$SECTION_NAME}Sec">
  <div class="row">
    <div class="large-3 medium-12 small-12 columns">

Change the third line above to:
    <div class="large-3 medium-4 small-12 columns">
A few lines later:
    <div class="large-9 medium-12 small-12 columns">

Change the line above to:
    <div class="large-3 medium-8 small-12 columns">

You may need to have Smarty clear its skin cache.

As it is for Large, both divs sit beside each other because their sum equals 12 columns. At Small and Medium, each div takes all 12 columns, so they stack (actually, at Small, other layout features come into play).

By making sure, at Medium, the two divs sum up to 12 columns, they will sit beside each other.

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Hello All,

I'm have a further issue with the Vertical Navigation plugin on my www.ropesdirect.co.uk site;

On a desktop if I open a category page whilst keeping my mouse hovered over the vertical navigation, an expanded category tree can remain frozen on screen. The only way to clear it is to do a F5 screen refresh. Customers mention this is a frustration and I was hoping to find a way to resolve it.

A screenshot is attached showing how the 'clearance offers' remains frozen whilst I was actually looking at the 'coloured polypropylene rope'.

Changing the Expand Effect Speed doesn't seem to help, does anyone have any thoughts on how to resolve this?




Vertical navigation freezing.png

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