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Loss of Document editing after upgrade


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Hi all,


I just upgraded to 6.4.2 from 6.2.5 & am now missing the ability to edit documents in the ACP as per screenshot.


Some background to the upgrade.  Upgrading directly to 6.4.2 times out despite my server admin having timeout set to 5 mins.  I had to upgrade in stages.  Not sure if that has any bearing on what has happened.





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The timeout is probably caused by a long running query which can happen in one of the recent upgrades so doing them separately may have helped although shouldnt really be needed unless you are running on a VERY slow hosting server

The missing ability to edit documents could be due to local cached files (likely js) or possibly due to a failed or partial upgrade especially of the admin directory files

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2 minutes ago, fettlebox said:

Nowt wrong with server speed.  We're also running 2 big image instensive xenforo forums without issue.

The fact that you have an SQL update taking more than 5 minutes shows there is a bottle neck somewhere. An image intensive forum is a totally different hosting prospect from a SQL intensive process on a website.  You asked for some advice and some was given...

8 minutes ago, fettlebox said:

But CTRL + F5 has fixed it!

Which is simply clearing / refreshing your local browser cache which was one of the two possibilities that I mentioned

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