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Security Warning: Illegal array key


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I've googled these & non the wiser!   I've had a few issues with my site filling up the error log.  Now those issues are fixed a remaining issue with Security Warning: Illegal array key stands out more.  I believe these refer to parasite sites that got into my folders when I was hacked around 4 years ago.

How do I fix these please?  Example below.   Thanks


[12-Dec-2020 03:11:46 Europe/London] PHP Warning:  Security Warning: Illegal array key "/kids/shopby/price--0-100" was detected and was removed. in /home/ross/public_html/classes/sanitize.class.php on line 114


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If this error gets logged in admin, Error Log, System Error Log tab, then hovering over the error will show the stack. This might show which array in which the key is located.

The key is using characters CubeCart does not like.

If the faulty key in the GET array, you might be able to find it in the web access log, at the same time (adjusted for timezone).

How would you like to fix this?

Just not log the message in CubeCart's database system error log table? If so, give some consideration to switching off the debugging mode.

Not log it in PHP's error_log file? That it is getting logged there may be caused by a file ini-custom.inc.php.

Not make the error known anywhere? In /classes/sanitize.class.php, line 114, add // in front of the trigger_error command.

Stop whoever is making these page requests using faulty URLs? Check the access log to get the IP address. Once that is known, there are several approaches to blocking those requests.



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