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PayPal reminder cart.


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Hello all,  I have seen on another shop site a popup that "Pop's Up" which looks like PayPal reminder that says "Before you go" would you like to email to yourself the cart contents or to someone else"! so you can return later and purchase the items in the cart.

Is this something in CubeCart that can be added or PayPal coding that can be added.


Thanks, Malcolm

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The "Exit Modal Window" feature will toss up a window asking the departing visitor if they would like to sign up to the store's newsletters.

The HTML code is found in Foundation's template "modal.exit.php" and is superficially coded to reference subscribing to the newsletters. (Subscribing and unsubscribing can be accomplished with a querystring.)

Experienced HTML coders can modify the contents to display anything and to send back form elements needed to do a task.

Experienced PHP coders can add code to watch for the triggering GET variables and implement the task.

The "Exit Modal Window" configuration is simply enabling the feature (unless I really missed something). The Enable checkbox is on Store Settings, Features tab, Mailing List section, "Enable exit modal newsletter signup".

CubeCart will already database a logged-in customer's (as opposed to a visitor's) shopping basket's contents for later continued shopping. CubeCart will also keep a visitor's shopping basket "in session" as long as the cookie exists and PHP hasn't deleted the matching session file during a garbage collection job.

You might be interested in AddShoppers:



I get the gist of what it is supposed to do, but everything I've been able to read is boilerplate social media marketing-speak.

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