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CubeCart v6


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We suggest that changes to the styling be made in the file cubecart.default.css. This file is initially blank, it gets loaded last, thus any rules here overrule any previous rule. (Keep a copy of this file if edited, as it does get replaced on an upgrade.)

Add this rule:

body { background-color: purple; }

But that covers the whole page.

The Foundation system uses rows and 12 columns in each row (can be nested). Everything is in a row.

So, we can apply a color to the row class to get back the white background.

Add this rule:

.row {background-color: white }

Have CubeCart clear its internal cache (admin, Maintenance, Rebuild tab).

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Hi PeaNuts here, cannot find cubecart default css, please help, if found would I just add.       body { background-color: purple; } .row {background-color: white }

could a wallpaper image be supported.  Cheers

found it ! possibly?  skins/foundation/css/ cubecart.css

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