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Can a customer delete an order ?


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We recieved a cart payment, with a valid cart_id from a well known, trusted and regular customer.

However, we never received the cart notification.

So checking in the orders side of the cart, but the order doesn't exist.

I checked order_inventory and order_summary, there is no reference to the order.

Nothing in error logs either.


I did find an entry in the request log:

Request Sent - https://ipnpb.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr cmd=_notify-validate&mc_gross=91.26&invoice=201221-162107-9829 (the rest of this log I removed for security reasons)

Which shows that the order was generated.


In Cubecart_access_log, I can see the customer logging in, around the same time as the next order, so I can also confirmed that the customer was at least on our site.

Any thoughts as to what happened to this order ?


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Nothing in transaction logs either.

But we received a PayPal payment with the cart ID.

We managed to contact the customer this morning, he says as far as he was aware, he'd completed his order, and the fact that we received a payment and a cart_id, you would expect so.

However, he also says that he's opened his browser this morning and his order is still in his basket.

Very odd.

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I've had this issue also a few times... 
As far as I know the problem occurs when an order is placed by customer and paid but the order doesn't change to 'processing' but status stays on 'open'...
When the customer returns and products are still in cart and he/she places a new order the same order_id is used so the "old" one is overwritten/changed.. Have had it a few times... Mulitple payments with same order_id but still one order in CC....

I'm glad my payment provider sends an automated mail with the items the customer ordered.. 😉

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