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Cubecart 6.4.2 with latest PHP


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Hello, I recently upgraded my site to the latest Cubecart version of 6.4.2 and all is working ok.

I have been using the old version of PHP 7.0.33 which is outdated. I have just changed it to the latest version 7.3.25 and the site still works fine but the admin crashes, just a white screen, so for now I have gone back to the old PHP version.

Any suggestions please?

Thank you.

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hello Ian,

yes I do have a shipping module from Noodleman and now that you mention it I remember when I first added the plugin I also had to request ionCube to be installed, so maybe the later PHP version I tried does not have ionCube installed by default. I will ask the server management to add it to the later version.

Many thanks,


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Going through my inbox today, and I think you raised a case for this which I just replied to. however, I'll add a reply here as well.

We offer various versions of the same release of each module, specifically to target each PHP version. If changing PHP version you may need to swap out the module for an alternate build specific for the new PHP version. We have most downloads available via our downloads page here:



If a specific release is missing, then let us know and we will send it to  you. 

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