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I apologize if I'm missing this, but I've searched through the Knowledgebase and here but can't find any mention. Is there a way to set up a product package with multiple items? I currently have all of my For Sale items listed individually, but want to offer a discount if someone buys a combination of items. (Inventory would have to be "shared," of course - if someone buys the package then the individual items are no longer available, and vice versa.) For example, I'm selling some of my camera equipment:

  • Camera body
  • Lens 1
  • Lens 2
  • Camera with lens 1
  • Camera with both lenses




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There was a plugin by SemperFi that, if I recall, kept track of items that were added to the shopping basket, and if any combination matched a given pattern, then a discount was applied. Unfortunately, SemperFi and their plugins cannot be found.

I have a plugin that accepts a pre-chosen selection of inventory and creates a new product from them. So, for your example, it will be a specific camera body with a specific lens. One can create several "kits" that have different combinations.

If you would like to experiment with it, send a PM with your email address.

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