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404 - Page not found

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it is the cubecart page I think with the little face on it.

404 - Page Not Found

Sorry but the page you are looking for could not be found.


And also what I forgot to mention was that when I click on save I get that message and it is taking me to the storefront.

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The .htaccess file has the directive that if the web server cannot find the requested document, then there should be the attempt to run the URL through the rewrite directives. If that fails, then the 404 directive says to send the index.php file.

The CubeCart 404 page will look exactly like any other CubeCart page, but have 404 in the main area. What you describe, having the little face on it, suggests that this is the default display provided by your web browser when it receives a 404 response from the server.

If your site has a hosting control panel, maybe there is a way to examine a web server error log. Maybe the access log as well.


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