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Incremental Order ID's with 6.4.2

Dirty Butter

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CubeCart has finally made incremental order numbers work properly for me! Thank you Al, for sticking with all my complaints about this until it worked.

There is one code change that still needs to be made to get perfection regarding order numbers with 6.4.2. That has to do with the Preview in Admin of the Increment Increase number.

There needs to be code that will delete the existing config database table value for the increment increase number. Erasing whatever number I had previously as the Increment Increase in Store Settings/Features and saving it as a blank does not remove that number from the config.

In order to use the Preview and actually get the predicted number,  I had to Decode the Base64 config data in phpMyAdmin, remove my old Increase number, and then Encode the edited config and save it.

See https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/2439#issuecomment-753237166

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