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Just upgraded to 6.4.2, everything I click is a 404 error. No changes I make to .htaccess have any effect.


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I just upgraded from Cubecart 6.1.13 to 6.4.2.  Progress was slow but steady.

When everything was in place, I tested out the shopping cart and every category (or document) I click on gives a 404 error.  Everything points to the mappings in the .htaccess file because this link https://fitpacking.com/cubecart/trips.html gives me an error, but this one works fine: https://fitpacking.com/cubecart/index.php?seo_path=trips.html.

It seems that this line in .htaccess does the translation:

  RewriteRule ^(.*)\.html?$ index.php?seo_path=$1 [L,QSA]

But no matter what I do to .htaccess nor how I change it, it does not seem to affect anything at all.  Is there some config or ini file in which you specify .htaccess?  I have attached the file although I think it's not getting read in at all (yes, it's in my CubeCart root directory).



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According to the headers sent back by the web server your hosting account is using, the Server being used is: Microsoft-IIS/10.0.

MS-IIS does not use the .htaccess file.

Just a few days ago, someone else posted a similar case of using IIS, and also included the IIS code necessary to put into effect the rewrite rules Cubecart needs.

"Bill in Kansas City" posted the rules. See this conversation:


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10 hours ago, bsmither said:

MS-IIS does not use the .htaccess file.

While this seems to be the problem, my previous CubeCart installation, 6.1.13 seemed to read the file just fine.  Or at least didn't fail.  Maybe the SEO functionality was missing in the earlier version I was running.

But now I have to contact my ISP to hack up IIS and I know that this will take at least a week for them to do, especially since I'm not all that clear on how rewrite rules work myself.

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