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Where do I edit html?!

Adam Shaw

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Hi again,

I'm aware this sounds like a very amateur question, but we all have to start somewhere. 

I am doing courses in html, and seo and things, and would like to be able to apply bits to my CubeCart store (after practising obviously!)

So...how do I actually edit a CubeCart pages html...where is each of my individual pages within my file manager? (I have access to this via my hosting provider).

I understand about FTP and downloading / editing / re-uploading etc (unless there's a way of just editing the pages without doing this?). I am able to inspect pages in a browser, view (and largely understand) the html source, but I can't find the individual pages to edit.

Thank you for your help.

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CubeCart uses a template system. There are a few of these, and Cubecart uses Smarty.

The templates are located in the /skins/foundation/templates/ folder, where foundation is the name of the skin.

It doesn't matter what the names of the skins are called, but the program that uses them must call them by their filenames.

Cubecart chose to use a filename extension of .php, but these are not PHP script files.

In a template file, you will see HTML, but also Smarty {commands} and {$VariablePlaceHolders}. The template will be "compiled", the commands executed and placeholders replaced by the variable values, then delivered to the web browser.


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Thank you bsmither.

Ok, so it's not as straight forward as just altering some html!

What i'm looking at currently is adding structured data using schema to each page to gain rich results.

How would I do this uniquely on each individual page within the head please, as each product, each category and other significant pages all have unique content, so each markup needs to be different.

Looking at the files you have directed me to I can't work out how to do this for each individual page.

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Using templates means the same "product" template is used for showing any Product -- only the specific product details change. The same for Documents and Categories.

Therefore, if structured schema data requires details about the product not normally supplied, there will be a need to collect it, store it, fetch it, and give it to the skin.

If the unique data is already present and provided, such as price, then the common part of the structured data identifier can be put in the template, with a {$placeholder} used where the specific detail is to be used.

So, for 'price', in the content.product.php template (or sub-template element.product.call_to_action.php):



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