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Documentation for USPS module?

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Hi All,

New to CC. Is there any documentation for the USPS shipping module? I know I need an account name with them, but beyond that there's several things that aren't clear.


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No, other than what has been covered in the forums.

The USPS module will send the origination and destination zip codes, and the weight of the package to USPS. Then, USPS sends back all possible shipping methods and the associated costs.

The module then filters out all shipping methods that the store owner has not selected as a method the owner is willing to use. The resulting methods are then shown to the customer to choose.

For example: from the 10-12 Flat Rate and First Class shipping possibilities the USPS says it can ship a box, while the methods selected in the module is only Ground and the various Flat Rate Box methods, the common methods are only the Flat Rate boxes and that is what will be shown to the customer.


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Thanks. I did search the forums, but didn't see any posts where someone went through the various fields in the module. Can you explain further; where does the module get the weight from - is it the 'packaging weight' field in the module or the product weight? Also, how are the Package Size, Container and Size fields supposed to be configured? And how do I know if something is machinable? In my case there will be products of various sizes and weights that will ship in different size boxes. 


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The module has a setting for "Packaging Weight". Obviously, this weight will be different for each size box being used. As well as the box dimensions.

These measurements are not managed by CubeCart. We suggest you take note of the almost largest size of items in your inventory and buy hundreds of boxes in that size. Buying in bulk of 100 of one size might often get you better prices than five boxes of twenty different sizes. Then enter the box weight (perhaps just 3 ounces)

The item's weight is managed by CubeCart (when creating or editing an item of inventory). To the weight of all items in the order, the weight of the packaging is added (expressed as a real number of pounds). The module then uses the whole number as the pounds, and any decimal part as the base-10 portion of 16 ounces (7.5 is 7lb and 0.5 of 16oz).

If your package is a sturdy box, it is machinable. If it is a floppy sack, then it probably isn't.

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