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CubeCart Database Backup via CodeGuard

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Hi there,

Anyone have experience using CodeGuard (https://www.codeguard.com/) to setup automated backups of their CubeCart databases?  My hosting provider has recently rolled out CodeGuard to my plan to replace Sitebackup Pro.   I never had any issues using Sitebackup Pro to run daily/weekly/monthly backups of my CC databases... but for some reason in CodeGuard I am constantly getting an Access Denied error when trying to connect to my database.  I am certain the CC database user name/password is not an issue.

Is there an access file somewhere in CC that permits/restricts database access from a remote location?   I know the database admin info is kept in global.inc.php, but i don't see anything in this file that would otherwise suggest it controls remote access to the DB.


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A database server has an internal "access control list". This control allows the database admin to specify how any one user can connect, and to what databases that user can connect to, and what permissions (SQL commands) that user can execute on each database.

For example:

hokivt03 is a recognized user.
hokivt03 must connect from "localhost" (program requesting access is on same computer)
[email protected]"localhost" can access the database "hokivt03_db123456" and can SELECT, INSERT, etc.

SiteBackup Pro could be a hosting environment package that exists on the same server.

CodeGuard might be a service that exists outside of "localhost". If so, your hosting environment control panel may have a setting permitting you to designate your hosting environment as allowing access to your database from a remote location. If not, allowing outside access then becomes a decision your hosting provider makes to solve any security concerns.

But you say this is provided by your host. So, maybe a talk with your host is required.

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You are correct.  Sitebackup Pro is provided within the hosting environment, whereas CodeGuard is an external service that connects into the hosting env.  CodeGuard provides a list of IP addresses it uses for this connection, which I had previously added to my hosting environment cPanel of allowed IPs.  I called the tech support line for my hosting provider earlier, and I more or less got a 'punt'.  But reading your response only re-affirms that it must have something to do with the way my hosting env is setup.  I'll try their tech support line again and hopefully a different agent is more helpful.

If i learn a solution, I will post it here for benefit of anyone else.

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Issue resolved.  2 calls later, the 3rd tech rep I got a hold of was able to identify that the IP's were not correctly whitelisted to my database host, even though appeared they were in my cPanel.  He re-ran a script on the backend and that fixed it.   The CC databases are backing up successfully now with CodeGuard.

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