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Newsletter Sign Up Issue - Sorry But We Have Not Been Able to Validate Your Email


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I'm having issues with customers unable to double opt in via our newsletter sign up when registering as a customer or subscribing from the newsletter sign up box, in the worst case senario the error message "sorry but we have not been able to validate your email address" is displayed across the top of the home page on a red banner.

I have also noticed that when a customer is opted in and signed up the template box.newsletter.php is returning the message "you are not subscribed to our newsletter" when in fact they are subscribed and opted in.

I have checked that I have the correct newsletter box template uploaded for the version of cubecart I am using but I just don't know where else to look to fix this problem which is loosing me customers.

The screenshot shows one example of part of the problem I am having, the customer is in their account area, they are signed up and have a validated email yet it still says you are not signed up.

Cubecart version is 6.4.2


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The customer that is logged in, their email appears in CubeCart_newsletter_subscriber database table. In addition - based on the CubeCart admin Store Settings, Extra tab, GDPR section, Marketing Double Opt-in checkbox being checked - the database record has a value of '1' in the 'dbl_opt' column.

If so, then we need to look at the skin. What skin are you using?


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I will check the database entries.

The site is currently using a customised skin modified from the foundation skin files.

I have one customer who has, according to the email log file, made over 50 attempts at validating their email address which has, as a result, failed to validate. I am amazed the lengths people go to for a small discount!

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