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Need special functionality for shipping/pickup

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Hi everybody,

this is my firs post here, so please be gentle 😉
English is not my first language and unfortunately I need to do a little explaining before I come to my problem.

I have some experience with setting up webshops, but from ~15 years ago with OScommerce.

I now need a new shop for a local bakery. I was looking at a couple of "known" shops, but found them to "big" and complicated for this task. I immediately liked Cubecart though, and like to use it for this job.

Installation and the most basic setup is already done.
But I need a special kind of logic and have no idea how to do that. I already tried an extension named "Per Category", but that did not work either or I did something wrong.

Here's the problem:

The bakery offers two kinds of products. Those which can be sent by mail like small bakery items, pastries, cookies. And then there are products that can only be ordered and then picked up personally, like delicate cakes.

The shop should include both types and they can be mixed.

Every product in the shop is available for pick-up, also the small ones.

But if a customer orders ONE product only suitable for pick-up, then ALL products of this order can only be picked up and no other method of shipping must be available at checkout.
Is this even possible and how?


Example ("m" stands for mail, "p" for pick-up)

Order 1:
1 pack of cookies (m)
1 plate of pastries (m)

-> can be either sent by mail or picked up

Order 2

1 pack of cookies (m)
1 birthday cake (p)

-> can only be picked up



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Welcome MostlyConfused! Glad to see you made it to the forums.

We have had very similar requests in the past:

* Remove shipping modules if customer is not a member of a specific customer group
* Remove the Print Order Form from Payment options if any item in the order is digital
* Disable a specific payment gateway if the order is less than $50

and other needs.

So, we will need to know how you identify which products cannot be mailed. It might be as simple as assigning a hidden category to those certain unmailable products.

This type of solution uses a CubeCart feature called "Code Snippets". Once we have a better idea of your processes, we are sure a solution can be programmed.

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Thanks for your fast reply.

as for identifying the products, I guess the easiest way is to have them in two categories, one mailable, one pick-up. They don't even have to be hidden. There could even be more than two categories, each one "flagged" as either mail or pick-up.
Or the products could be tagged or basically every other way is stil open at this point.

While I am somehow experienced in webdesign, I don't think I could program anything like this and would be at the mercy of more experienced members.
If something like that were in the making though, I could start with the shop and handle the problem with infomessages and hope everybody gets it. They are not expecting a large number of orders right away so this would be doable. But as a long-term solution, it would be nice to have such functionality.

Please let me know if I can help in any way.


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I actually just solved a variant of this very problem for another customer 2 days ago via a custom solution. We can look to do the same for you if you like. Essentially if the order contains one or more "must collect" items, then everything must be collected. for your example it would come as two parts. a custom module to allow products to be flagged as "collection only", then a modification to the shipping module to respect the settings. we can put this together for you in under an hour if it's of interest. Note, we are a third party developer so the time spent would be a billable activity. feel free to get in contact if this is of interest. 

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3 hours ago, Noodleman said:

we can put this together for you in under an hour if it's of interest. Note, we are a third party developer so the time spent would be a billable activity. feel free to get in contact if this is of interest. 

that sounds good. It just depends if it really works for me afterwards and how much you would charge for it.
Either way I'd have to get the ok from the client, but if the price is reasonable this should not be a problem.

Can you please send me a message with a quote, thanks!

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