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Problem with generating seo_urls following upgrade to 6.4.2


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Following an upgrade from 6.2.8 to 6.4.2 seeing the following issue in a standard core site with no plugins.

If a site has "Add category to product URL path?" SEO store setting set to "top level and all sub-categories" and it seems to be adding the category path again and again for each sub-category level !  This setting isnt often used and most stores have this setting set to "No"

On a newly created product this is the url that was generated.


This should be https://www.domain.co.uk/terrain/6mm/walls-fences/brick-walls/high/100mm-damaged-high-brick-wall-straight-2-test.html

So for each sub-category, it is adding the preceding category path again

so for "6mm" sub-cat it is adding "terrain" again before it
for "walls-fences" sub-cat it is adding "terrain/6mm" again before it
for "brick-walls" sub-cat it is adding "terrain/6mm/walls-fences" again before it
for "high" sub-cat it is adding "terrain/6mm/walls-fences/brick-walls" again before it

Does anyone else have this same SEO configuration and are you seeing the same issue.  Havent traced it through yet but the seo.class had changes made to it while adding the redirect functionality for 6.4

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