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Register / Login files missing?


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I just encountered another strange thing.
Whilst testing, I clicked on "Register" and got a 404-error.

Investigating further, the links lead to shopfolder/register.html and shopfolder/login.html respectively.

Only that those files don't exist.
I can't find them in the original download, nor in any of my two installations.

Also search don't work, because there is no search.html either.
Basically, apart from index.php and the admin-file, there is nothing in the shopfolder.

All I did was to unpack the zip to my local server and then run the installation which finished without errors.

Where are those files?

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With CC642, the programmers decided to allow for "friendly" web addresses to longer be standardized on having .html as the suffix.

Now, it is optional (see admin, Store Settings, Search Engines tab, "SEO URL Extension") with the other option being to have no extension at all.

I think this new feature still has a few wrinkles in it.

Skins, other than the corresponding version Foundation skin, would have hard-coded web addresses in the templates. Hard-coded to read register.html.

The store may be configured to not use an extension. Thus the conflict. Thus the wrinkle.

You won't find those specifically-named files on your site because Cubecart6 expects to have the .htaccess file instruct the web server to rewrite the "friendly" URLs into a different format. CubeCart then parses that other format to locate the product, category, document, or other page being requested. If the data item extracted from that parsing can't be found (or can't be used), CubeCart sends its own 404 page.

If I recall, you are not using CC642's Foundation skin. Thus, please try this:

In admin, change the SEO URL Extension to .html. Then clear Cubecart's cache.

Hopefully, that will make a difference.

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Yay, thanks,

I solved it a little differently, but you brought me onto the right track.

I found the respective templates of my skin and changed the links to index.php?_a=search, login and register respectively. I found those looking at another shop.

In my short time with CC, I see a lot of good things and I love working with it so far. But some things seem not really finished. This might just be my skin, but I had to workaround and brute-force things a lot, especially to integrate it into the website. Also it seems well cared for here in the forums, but not very much used otherwise?

So far my testshop looks ok and runs. I have not managed to get any payment option really working yet, but that's for another day, it's sunday evening 😉 

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I am having the same problem with the login/register files.  I tried switching the SEO URL Extension to .html.in admin, but then the search didn't work either., so switched it back

Changed the html to {$CONFIG.seo_ext} in the template to mimic the regular foundation skin as follows :

<form action="{$VAL_SELF}" id="login_form" method="post">
         <p class="show-for-small-only">{$LANG.account.want_to_signup} <a href="{$STORE_URL}/register{$CONFIG.seo_ext}">{$LANG.account.register_here}</a></p>
         {foreach from=$LOGIN_HTML item=html}

Is there other parts I need to change as well?

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